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The WashWrack welcomes you to Possum Corner Products! We at Possum Corner are very proud to bring you this very useful overhead hose system. What? You say you want to know more about how this hose holder could be useful to you? Well, whether you're a city girl, or a country boy, you're cleaning chores will be so much simpler with the WashWrack!

The WashWrack for Trucks and Cars

I'm Wayne Pourciau. This is my wife, Bonnie. The curious one here is CC. She just had another beautiful foal, a little stud colt. Life's good here at Cozy Oaks in Possum Corner, Mississippi. Yea, it's a Real Place!

Meet the Family!

The WashWrack is the answer to all your animal cleaning and equipment cleaning needs. It's the horse washer that your horse will never step on! It's an ATV washer that will never get stuck under the tires of your 4-wheeler. Check out the whole site to see all the ways you can use this awesome cleaner called the WashWrack.

Here's Your New Partner in Clean, the WashWrack!

The WashWrack is the best addition that you can make to your car wash accessories. You may have been looking for an aluminum garden hose holder, or an overhead hose reel, when you found Possum Corner products. You're in luck! Because your outdoor washing needs will be met so much better with the WashWrack!

Great for All Kinds of Jobs

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